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Our 25,000 sq/ft warehouse

Our 25,000 sq/ft warehouse is a site to see! In it, we carry both new and pre-owned cardio and strength equipment at any and all price points. We have to warn you, it can get a little hot in there. But the deals that you'll find are even hotter!

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The Best Cardio Showroom in Town!

Our 5000 sq/ft showroom includes a cardio section with all of the new and pre-owned cardio equipment that anyone from a body-builder to a weight-loss journeyer could ever want!

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Our Strength Showroom

The Exercise Unlimited showroom also includes a vast selection of strength equipment, benches, functional trainers, and over 10,000lbs of new and pre-owned dumbbells, plates, and bars.

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The Conwood Flats Weightroom

When building a residential gym for Conwood Flats Apartments in Memphis, we had tons of space to work with. In an effort to create a fitness environment that would fully satisfy customers, Conwood decided on a wide variety of free weights, various cardio pieces, as well as a big, Hoist Functional trainer in the middle. This design ensured that the residents of Conwood Flats will be staying fit for years to come.

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Fitness Studio @ Conwood Flats

The photo to the left depicts the Conwood Flats fitness studio we recently completed. The focus of this design was to maximize both space and functionality, all while keeping the equipment modern and sleek to contrast the rustic feel of this studio room. Here, they utilize two Fit Benches which come with both weights and bands inside. These pieces are integral because they are compact but pack tons of functionality. In addition to the Fit Benches are four Echelon smart bikes and an Echelon smart mirror with personal training exercises built in.

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